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Deb Colitas client review 2021

Deb and her husband were so kind to share their story and experience with our office via video so that other folks going through difficult financial situations can reach our and make that first call to get some guidance and hope. Please, if you or anyone you know, is struggling with debt give us a […]

Client review 8/2021

This is a heartfelt review form one of our clients. He was struggling with a lot of stress to keep his businesses profitable and support his family. From the second I met him I knew we could help him refocus to get his financial situation back on track. I’m so glad he decided to share […]

What to consider when asking for a Mortgage Forbearance agreement.

We will discuss the considerations your make when deciding whether to enter into a forbearance agreement with your mortgage company.

Why should you meet with a LOCAL Attorney to discuss debt resolution, settlement and bankruptcy?

In this video we will discuss why you should always meet with a LOCAL Attorney to discuss debt resolution, settlement and bankruptcy before making decision. It is very important to know your rights and learn all of your options before you make any decisions in regard to debt resolution.

When should you deal with Debt I can’t pay due to COVID?

Lots of people have asked me when is the best time to settle their debts or file bankruptcy during the COVID 19 Pandemic. While we can’t predict the future, the end seems to be in sight and it is very doubtful there will be any additional stimulus money coming again in the future. In this […]

What if I can’t pay the amount due after my loan forbearance ends

What if I can’t pay the amount due after my loan forbearance period expires? There are many good and bad potential outcomes of accepting a forbearance agreement from one of your creditors, in this video we will discuss these topics and more!

The truth about Foreclosure Moratorium

Learn about the COIVD Pandemic Foreclosure Moratorium and how you can use it to your advantage to keep your home!

Should you try to settle your debts?

In this video you will learn the benefits and pitfalls of settling your debts with your creditors.

How To Maximize COVID Pandemic Unemployment To Settle Your Debts!

In this video you will learn how you can best use your stimulus check or pandemic unemployment bonus money to settle/resolve some or all of your outstanding debts.

How Does Debt Consolidation Work?

In this video you will learn how/if/when debt consolidation works, what to watch out for and the questions to ask if you are thinking about working with a debt consolidation company to resolve your outstanding accounts!

Can I buy a home after Bankruptcy?

Find out the ins and outs of buying a home Before, During and After filing for bankruptcy to understand your options and get that home of your dreams!

Yes You Can File Bankruptcy In Pennsylvania From Your Home!!!

Learn about the changes in bankruptcy due to COVID 19 and how you can now file bankruptcy and receive a discharge without ever leaving your home!

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Can’t sleep? Debt and stress keeping you awake?

If stress about your finances is keeping you awake at night, please call me. I can help you create a plan to get your finances back on track so you can get some rest!

Top 5 Debt Resolution Mistakes! www.LaputkaLaw.com

Top 5 mistakes people make when trying to resolve financial hardship. If you are struggling with debt and can’t seem to get ahead…please call me for a free consultation today so we can discuss your options for a fresh start and a better financial future! www.LaputkaLaw.com

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